Luminarts Cultural Foundation

at the Union League Club of Chicago


About Us

By recognizing, encouraging and rewarding Chicago's most talented young artists, Luminarts Cultural Foundation expands their creative opportunities and enriches their lives, while enhancing the cultural community of our city.

As strong advocates of art education and appreciation throughout the greater Chicago area, Luminarts creates and conducts competitions in visual arts, jazz and classical music, and creative writing. Luminarts Fellows of all social, economic and cultural backgrounds receive grants and mentorship opportunities, and their work is celebrated through visual arts exhibits, musical performances and an annually published anthology of creative writing.

Luminarts provides motivation and support for our emerging artists, inspiring them not only to continue their artistic pursuits, but also to serve as inspiration themselves one day, for other aspiring artists.

Mission Statement

The Luminarts Cultural Foundation promotes arts education and appreciation by creating and conducting arts competitions to encourage and reward young artists, and by enhancing exposure to the arts in the greater Chicago area.

Support the Luminarts Cultural Foundation

Please join us in recognizing and rewarding Chicago's most talented emerging artists by becoming a member of the Luminarts Cultural Foundation. In doing so you'll be ensuring that the city's cultural community continues to flourish and that Luminarts Fellows carry on the tradition of being some of our area's most lauded musicians, visual artists and writers.

To find out ways you can support Luminarts, please contact us at (312) 435-5961 or

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