Engineers' Foundation


The Chicago Engineers' Foundation encourages our city's young people to pursue careers in engineering. The Foundation provides scholarships to students admitted to accredited college or university engineering programs. What began as a modest effort to encourage study in the fields of engineering has grown into an annual incentive award program.  In 2014 the Foundation awarded a total of $ 93,400  to 53 graduating high school seniors, 47 returning university students continuing their collegiate engineering studies and six college graduates who have received their degrees in engineering. The 2014 Award Recipients represented 59 Chicago High Schools and 75 Universities.


The Foundation also cooperates with other local engineering societies, such as the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers and the Western Society of Engineers as well as student organizations to promote and encourage study in engineering fields. The Foundation supports educational programs designed for the city’s annual National Engineers Week.


Established in 1965, the Foundation has the longest running donor relationship with the Chicago Public School system of any nonprofit organization.


For more information on the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation, please visit us at or contact or 847.363.8860