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The Union League Club of Chicago enriches members' lives and improves the world by creating extraordinary opportunities for camaraderie, personal enrichment and meaningful community involvement.

Enrich Your Life 
Whether you are looking to expand your network or have a place of your own in downtown Chicago, everything you are looking for is here at the ULC.

Improve Your World
With the largest hotel/guest room offering of any private club in the U.S, the ambiance and amenities, the Club provides the perfect home away from home.
Whether you are a team player or a solo athlete, the Club's Athletic Department will help you fine tune your athletic regimen.

Community & Country


As a public service, the ULCC helps to disseminate the judicial candidate evaluations prepared by the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA), the Chicago Bar Association (CBA), and the Chicago Council of Lawyers (CCL). Click here to view a letter explaining this service as well as links to the evaluations.

The Club’s Board of Directors recently approved a resolution from the Public Affairs Committee urging Chicago City Council consideration of the “Privatization, Transparency and Accountability” ordinance, which is intended to ensure an open and thorough analysis of any future privatization proposals. Copies of this resolution have been sent to all Chicago Aldermen as well as to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In the Now

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