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The Union League Club of Chicago enriches members' lives and improves the world by creating extraordinary opportunities for camaraderie, personal enrichment and meaningful community involvement.

Enrich Your Life 
Whether you are looking to expand your network or have a place of your own in downtown Chicago, everything you are looking for is here at the ULC.

Improve Your World
With the largest hotel/guest room offering of any private club in the U.S, the ambiance and amenities, the Club provides the perfect home away from home.
Whether you are a team player or a solo athlete, the Club's Athletic Department will help you fine tune your athletic regimen.

Community & Country

The Club recently adopted a resolution calling for implementation of the Risk, Assets, and Needs Assessment (RANA) Tool as required by the Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009. This resolution urges Illinois authorities (including the Illinois Dept. of Corrections) to implement, as required by law, this tool to develop the appropriate terms of mandatory supervised release (aka “parole”) for individuals approaching release from custody. To view this resolution, click here.

The Club recently adopted a resolution supporting legislation ending automatic transfers of juvenile offenders to adult court for certain felony charges.  This resolution supports legislation pending in the Illinois General Assembly (HB 172) that would restore to Juvenile Court Judges the discretion to determine if juveniles charged with certain felony offenses should be tried in Juvenile Court or in Adult Court. To view this resolution, click here.


Every year, the Union League Club of Chicago awards a junior or senior with the Democracy in Action Award (DIAA). The award is presented annually to Illinois a high school student who has demonstrated exemplary citizenship and leadership in their community. For more information on the award, click here. For an application for the award, click here. 

In the Now

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