Civic Achievements & Advocacy

The Union League Club of Chicago's Public Affairs Committee leads the Club's advocacy mission and has played a key role in addressing a wide range of civic affairs and public policy matters. A number of those initiatives are highlighted below.


Notable Civic Achievements

The Criminal Justice System & the Mentally Ill

The Administration of Justice Subcommittee’s “Decriminalization of the Mentally Ill” (DOMI) initiative – which sought to end the cycle of recidivism that keeps persons suffering from mental illness revolving in and out of the criminal justice system – achieved an important policy breakthrough in 2009. Click here for additional details.


Reforming Capital Punishment

The PAC’s Administration of Justice Subcommittee was a driving force in supporting Illinois’ death penalty reform legislation enacted in 2004. Click here for additional details.


Illinois State Constitution

The Union League Club of Chicago played a central role in shaping Illinois’ current Constitution. Click here for additional details.


Improving Regional Transportation

After years of deliberation, in 2005 the Congress approved, and President Bush signed into law, the Federal Transportation Reauthorization bill (better known as the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, or SAFETEA-LU). As a member of Business Leaders for Transportation coalition, the ULCC and PAC worked vigorously in support of this legislation. Click here for additional details.


Harold Washington Library Center

For many years, Chicago’s Main Library was located in what is now the Cultural Center. In early 1985, two Union League Club members – Paul Stack and Anthony Batko – approached the PAC to express their concerns about the deterioration of the Chicago Public Library branch facilities.  Click here for additional details.