Resolutions & Documents


The ULC Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is responsible not only for developing programming that addresses current issues, but also for recommending to the Club's Board of Directors positions on important public policy matters. If the Board of Directors approves a position adopted by the PAC -- which typically takes the form of a resolution -- then that becomes the official stance of the ULC and the Club's Executive Director of Public Affairs works to advance that position with the appropriate unit of government and officials, often in partnership with other civic organizations that share the position adopted by the Club.


As stated in the Club's by-laws (Article VI, Section 3), "[t]he Club shall not take any position or initiate any action on a controversial public question, particularly of a partisan nature, without affirmative action thereon by the Public Affairs Committee and approval thereof by the Board of Directors."


Below you will find significant resolutions adopted by the PAC and approved by the Club's Board of Directors over the past several years, as well as important documents and reports developed by the PAC concerning its work on various public policy questions.


Resolution urging Governor Quinn and the leaders of the General Assembly to make addressing Illinois' pension crisis their top priority and to keep the General Assembly in special sessions for as long as necessary until this matter is resolved (adopted August 9, 2012)

Resolution reaffirming the Union League Club's support for the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE) program and urging Governor Patrick Quinn to continue to work with the Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois Congressional delegation, federal officials and regional rail transportation leaders to support CREATE projects and to ensure that all CREATE funding in the Illinois Jobs Now capital development program is provided as designated (adopted July 27, 2010)


Resolution endorsing the goals of the coalition organized by the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago to address Illinois' fiscal crisis, including the general goals of budget cuts, state employee pension reforms, and state retiree health care reforms (adopted May 25, 2010)

Resolution supporting enactment of legislation by the Illinois General Assembly to increase accountability and control over expenditures from the Capital Litigation Trust Fund (adopted May 20, 2009)


Resolution calling upon Senator Roland Burris to resign from the U.S. Senate and supporting a special election to allow the citizens of Illinois to select a new Senator to fill the vacancy created by the election of former Senator Barack Obama as President of the United States (adopted February 24, 2009)


Resolution supporting the findings of the National Public Health and Hospital Institute (NPHHI) report titled “Funding of Inmate Health Services: Options to Mitigate the Financial Burden of Providing Health Services to Inmates of the Cook County Jail” and urging the Cook County Department of Corrections to adopt the recommendations contained therein (adopted January 27, 2009)

Resolution calling upon Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich to resign as Governor of the State of Illinois
 (adopted December 16, 2008)


Resolution urging Illinois citizens to reject the call for a Constitutional Convention in 2009 (adopted July 22, 2008)


Resolution supporting the report of the National Public Health and Hospital Institute critiquing various governance proposals and recommending an optimal governance structure for the Cook County Bureau of Health Services and recommending that the Cook County Board of Commissioners adhere to these guidelines (adopted April 29, 2008)


Resolution urging the Cook County Board of Commissioners to consider the findings of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services Review Committee, which reported that the current governance of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services by the Cook County Board of Commissioners is inefficient and imperils the delivery of health care to the citizens of Cook County (adopted January 29, 2008)


Resolution urging the Illinois General Assembly to override the Governor’s veto of funding for the Capital Punishment Reform Study Committee (adopted October 20, 2007)


Resolution supporting bipartisan legislation to reform the structure and funding of mass transit in Illinois (adopted June 26, 2007)


Resolution urging Mayor Daley to veto the “Big Box Living Wage” Ordinance (adopted August 29, 2006)


Resolution urging the State of Illinois to suspend rather than terminate Medicaid benefits for mentally ill persons incarcerated in Illinois penal institutions (adopted March 28, 2006)


Resolution urging Gov. George Ryan to declare a moratorium on executions in Illinois (adopted January 6, 2000)


From time to time, the PAC produces reports and/or documents associated with its public policy advocacy efforts. Links to PDF copies of these materials appear below.

"Should Illinois Call a Constitutional Convention in 2008?” (Background pamphlet produced by ULC PAC in partnership with the Civic Federation) - March 2008


National Public Health and Hospital Institute report (commissioned by ULC PAC and Concerned Citizens of Cook County LLC), "Best Practices in Public Hospital Governance: Assessment of Proposals to Restructure the Cook County Bureau of Health Services" - May 2008