Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a food and beverage minimum?

No. There are no minimums that our members must meet.


Is Athletics included in the monthly dues?

No. There is a separate fee for usage of the Athletic Department. You can pay on a daily or monthly basis. You must be a member of the Union League Club in order to be a member of the Club’s Athletic Department.


Are there family or corporate memberships?

All memberships are individual and are non-transferable. 

Can my spouse use the Club?

The spouse of a member may use all facilities of the Clubhouse. All charges will be posted to the member’s account. A spouse may become a member of the Athletic Department. or pay a daily guest fee. A spouse may not serve on any Standing Committee, hold office in the Club, or vote.


The spouse of a member may apply for Dual-Spouse membership. The advantage of Dual-Spouse membership is that both spouses are full members and each has his or her individual membership account.


I have a domestic partner. Can he or she use the Club?

Yes. Please request a Declaration of Domestic Partnership Form when requesting your proposal form.


How are Club services billed?

After the last day of each month, statements are run and mailed to each member showing charges owed to the Club. This amount is payable by check upon receipt and no later than the end of the month that the bill is received. Finance charges apply for late payment. Members may sign up for direct withdrawal from a U.S. personal checking or savings account to pay all charges on their house account. Members may also pay on the Club’s website by electronic check.


Can I pay by credit card?

You may settle your monthly statement with a credit card, however any charges incurred at the Club must be charged to your member account.


Is there tipping at the Club?

No. Club employees may not accept tips. A service charge is added to all dining, bar and banquet bills. Once a year, members are asked to contribute to the Employee Holiday Gift Fund. The monies collected are distributed to the employees in both the front and back of the house based on years of service.


Why do I need to provide sensitive information on the proposal?

When you apply for membership, it is akin to applying for a credit card. Credit is extended to you as a member. Everything at the Club is cashless. You sign for all expenses through your membership account.  

Who do I contact for general inquiries?

You can call our main line at 312.427.7800 or email

Who do I contact for membership inquiries?

You can call our Membership Department directly at 312.435.4825 or email