Independent Map Amendment

The Union League Club of Chicago (ULCC)
Supports the Independent Map Amendment to the Illinois Constitution

In November 2015, the Union League Club of Chicago’s Public Affairs Committee recommended to the ULCC Board of Directors that the Club endorse efforts to include the proposed “Independent Map Amendment” on ballots statewide in the November, 2016 General Election to allow Illinois citizens to vote on this Constitutional amendment; the Committee also recommended that the ULCC encourage adoption of the amendment to establish a non-partisan, independent commission to draw maps for Illinois legislative districts in a fair and transparent manner. These recommendations were approved by the Board of Directors at its November 24, 2015 meeting.

The ULCC supports the objectives of the Independent Map Amendment and believes its adoption will:

• Produce Illinois House and Senate districts drawn without regard to incumbency or partisanship;
• Attract more candidates for the General Assembly and enhance competition for legislative seats, resulting in more choices for voters;
• Protect the voting rights of racial and ethnic minorities;
• Respect communities with shared interests and avoid breaking through political and geographic boundaries; and
• Allow the public to view and participate in the redistricting process

The Club encourages its members and all Illinois voters to support the Independent Map Amendment by: 1) signing and/or circulating the petitions required to place the Amendment on the statewide November, 2016 General Election ballot; and 2) if the Amendment is approved for inclusion on the ballot, by voting for its adoption in the 2016 General Election.

Citizens are invited to download the Independent Map Amendment documents below, including the full text of the Amendment and petition, instructions for those wishing to circulate petitions, and explanation of the redistricting process proposed by the Amendment. More information on the Independent Map Amendment is also available on its website,

Ind. Map Amendment & Petition PDF
Ind. Map Amendment circulator instructions PDF
Ind. Map Amendment Explanation PDF