Committed to Giving Back

Since its founding 140 years ago, the Union League Club has asked its members to uphold the “Commitment to Community, Country, and Culture” through philanthropic work that honors the past, serves the present, and works to ensure the future.

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Supporting Our Nation's Armed Forces

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Subcommittees Leading the Charge

The Union League Club of Chicago's Public Affairs Committee is made up of the following subcommittees:

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Subcommittee focuses on criminal justice and judicial matters. Examples include programming examining gun violence and the Second Amendment, as well as work on juvenile justice reform and improvement of Illinois' parole system.


The @65West Subcommittee oversees @65West, the Club's popular civic and current affairs programs, offered as breakfast, lunch and the occasional evening event. Launched in 2005, these fora feature leading voices and expert panels analyzing and discussing a diverse array of policy issues.


The Education Subcommittee examines a wide range of educational issues, including deficient State funding of K-12 public schools, early childhood and vocational education, the federal government's role in education, school shootings and resultant student protests and much more.

Gender Equality

The Subcommittee on Gender Equality addresses a broad range of issues related to gender in society, including discrimination and harassment in the workplace, employment and educational opportunities, disparities in compensation and career advancement and other matters related to ensuring equal rights and responsibilities to all regardless of gender.

Health and Life Sciences

The Health and Life Sciences Subcommittee sponsors public health forums on a variety of public health issues, including programs on preparedness measures against the threat of a Flu Pandemic, preventing obesity among children, addressing the problem of urban "food deserts," and the use of data and technology in health care.

Race Relations

The Subcommittee on Race Relations addresses the impact of race and racial disparity in the execution of public policy. In addition to forums on civil rights and criminal justice, the subcommittee also assists in developing the ULCC's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration.

State & Local Government

The Subcommittee on State & Local Government focuses generally on matters concerning the operation of state and municipal government in Illinois. These issues include the ongoing dysfunction of and serious problems facing state and local governments, including the development of a state budget and public pension crisis affecting Illinois, Chicago and other municipalities.


The Transportation Subcommittee reviews and monitors the activities of all modes of transportation within the metropolitan Chicago area. Additionally, the Subcommittee engages in "field trips" to better understand transportation modes and issues and meets regularly with representatives of key agencies involved in transportation policy.

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